Thursday, October 7, 2010

The elusive Miss Carol....

Way back in early September, this post introduced you to the ALRM staff; however, Miss Carol's bio was absent. This elusiveness is so Miss Carol! We have since persuaded her to share some information with you:

Your name:
Carol Abromowich
What the students call you:
Miss Carol
Education and relevant training (include how long you have been with ALRM):
BS in Biology
MA in Health Care Administration
Been at ALRM since 2009
What do consider the school’s greatest strength?
The individual learning pace that each child is allowed.
A goal or hope for this school year:
Help each child gain independence and create a welcoming school environment for all the children.
Any personal info you might want to share with our blog readers:I have lived in Meredith for 6 years with myhusband, Decran, and two kids Grace, 6, (ALRM graduate) and Ben 4, (ALRM student) and dog, Molly (who likes to visit ALRM)
I like hiking, reading, gardening and skiing.

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