Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's Pajama Time! | New Hampton, NH Montessori

Pajama Day was a success (though there appeared to be quite a bit of yawning throughout the day)! Up next for the Pom Pom Jar day!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Caps for sale, caps for sale, 50 cents a cap!

Today, we dressed warmly with all sorts of hats. Miss Emily made her hat JUST THIS MORNING, while Brecken had to grow hers for about eight years! We had bunnies and moose topping our noggins too!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Pajama Time!

Great news!! We have filled our pom pom jar, soooo.....

Pajama Day will be next Wednesday, December 14th!

Also, tuition for the month of December needs to be paid by Friday, December 16th. Teacher Robyn would like a merry Christmas too;)

Thank you!


This time of year is approaching again....just sayin'....

Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Our Secret Santa gift exchange will occur on Friday, December 16th at 10am. Please keep gifts to $20 or under. We will also have a potluck at 11am, and then the classroom will close at 1pm for the holiday vacation.

Avery has Ella.
AmeliaJo has Seda.
Anthony has Jacob.
Ashley has Stella.
Ava has Jackson.
Brecken has Eloise (again????).
Eloise has Brecken (rigged, that's all I can say....)
Ella has Avery.
Emma has Halsey.
Garrett has Sebastian.
Grace has James.
Halsey has Emma.
Jacob has AmeliaJo.
Jack has Zacarra.
James has Savannah.
Jackson has Reid.
Madison has Molly.
Maddie G. has Ashley.
Michela has Preston.
Molly has Ava.
Preston has Grace.
Reid has Maddie.
Savannah has Michela.
Seda has Jack.
Stella has Garrett.
Sebastian has Anthony.
Zacarra has Madison.

Friday, December 2, 2011

One last chance....

It appears that some folks confused the picture order date with the Scholastic order date. If you missed your last opportunity to order school pictures, or you want additional pictures, please email me at I am placing the final order this Sunday night. Thank you!

P.S. Please sign-up for our holiday potluck at the front area of ALRM. Thank you!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanksgiving week

Hello families,

Some reminders for next week:
1. The Potluck will be on Tuesday at 11am. Please sign up for a healthy dish at the front door of ALRM. As our last potluck was a carb fest, we would appreciate if someone could volunteer to bring a meat dish:)
2. The upstairs classroom will close early on Tuesday.
3. We will be closed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Enjoy the holiday weekend!

ALRM Staff

Pom Pom jar

After Robyn's most recent workshop held at ALRM for Montessori educators, she instituted the Pom Pom Jar. Each and every time a student displays kindness and courtesy for the community, s/he can pick out a pom pom and put it in the jar. Once the jar is full, the class will have pajama day! Ask your son or daughter about this; the children LOVE to add to it!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Any children who were absent both Wednesday and Thursday of last week will have their pictures taken Monday morning at school. A reminder that order forms for school pictures are available at ALRM and are due on Friday. If you email me at, I also can email you a copy. Have a good week!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

school pictures are ready!!!

Dear Parents,
School pictures are ready! Please take a look at the following link:

You will find a gallery for ALRM. It is password protected. You can email me at for the password or you can find it posted at ALRM. Each child has three images posted. When you place your order, you will need to indicate which image you would like for each size print. Each image has a name and number under it (such as Jonathon2).

The gallery will go off-line on Friday, November 18th at noon. Order forms and checks (made out to Kristen Reimold Photography) are due back at ALRM by Friday, November 18th at 5pm. Order forms are available at ALRM.
Please let me know if you need any help with ordering! I enjoyed capturing your little ones!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

School Pictures are tomorrow!

A reminder: school pictures for all ages (even the babies!) will be tomorrow. If your child is not at ALRM on Wednesdays, then she or he will get pictures taken on Thursday. If your child is sick this week, no worries! I will find him or her one day next week.

Monday, October 31, 2011


Today was filled with treats, tricks, and a delicious, carb-loading potluck! Thank you to all the parents who brought an item, and thank you to Julie Hayward for shoveling! A few from today:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

School Pictures!

School pictures will be taken by Kristen Reimold Photography on Wednesday, November 2nd and Thursday, November 3rd. Please send your child to school ready to have his or her picture taken outside. We will also do sibling pictures and a class picture. Within two weeks, you will receive a link to an on-line gallery. You will have one week to place your order and bring your payment to school. *Note: there will not be re-take opportunity.

Packages (all packages include a 5x7 class picture, pricing is comparable to Lifetouch, the national school picture company):
A. (2) 5x7
(4) 3.5x5
(8) Wallets (2x3) $28.00

B. (1) 8x10
(2) 5x7
(4) 3x5
(4) Wallets (2x3) $35.00

C. (3) 8x10
(4) 5x7
(4) 3.5x5
(12) Wallets (2x3)
Portrait CD (highest quality digital images on CD) $60.00

D. (2) 8x10
(4) 5x7
(4) 3.5x5
(8) Wallets (2x3)
Portrait CD (highest quality digital images on CD) $48.00

E. (4) 3.5x5
(8) Wallets (2x3) $15.00

F. (1) 8x10
(3) 5x7
(4) 3.5x5
(8) Wallets (2x3) $42.00

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to formally capturing all these smiling faces! I can be reached at

Friday, October 21, 2011

Music with Miss Mary! | Lakes Region Music Together

Miss Mary brought her beautiful voice, contagious energy, and drumsticks to last week's Music Together class!

Monday, October 17, 2011


Dear Parents,

I wanted to first thank all the parent volunteers who have helped out in the classrooms over the past two weeks. Their help has been so invaluable at this time.
Thank you!!

In addition, a case of head lice has been found in one of our students over the weekend. This student will remain out of school at this time. We have done a lice check for each student today, and we will continue to do this daily. We will be sending home any nap-time materials to be washed and we have bagged up any school materials for 48 hours. Please continue to monitor your child at home. Checking for lice in natural light is best; look for small, white eggs that are latched at the base of the hair and do not come out easily. You also might find some redness around the ears and neck. Please keep us informed if you find lice; currently we only have reports of one student.

We appreciate your help!
Teacher Robyn and staff

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Parent Teacher Conferences- October 10th

On Monday, October 10th, ALRM will have teacher conferences. Teacher Robyn will begin with a description of the areas of the classroom and discuss the significance of them. Next, she will discuss what the class has studied before moving onto your child's individual progress. Finally, she will welcome any questions or comments regarding your child.

Please sign up for a conference at the front hall of the school.  If you are unable to attend on the date and time provided, Robyn will be available for a conference at another time at your convenience. In the event that you are unable to use the time slot you signed up for, please call the school at 217-0035 to allow your spot to be used by another family.

Miss Mary will be displaying a table of instruments for sale for those of you interested in bringing more music into your home. Also, if you are in need of daycare for the day, please let Teacher Robyn know so that she can have the downstairs classroom fully staffed.

-Teacher Robyn

greater than and less than | Montessori Kindergarten

The Kindergartners were hard at work on Monday afternoon. After settling into some time with their workbooks, the girls reviewed "greater than" and "less than." The alligator always eats (<) the bigger number...