Wednesday, October 10, 2012

beans and greens | Gilford, NH field trip

ALRM's first field trip of the year was an amazing success!  Despite the slight drizzle throughout the morning, the day allowed for so much!  We began the field trip by feeding the goats and pigs.  Next, we spent quite a bit of time in the hay maze.  All the children from smallest to biggest LOVED this part!  They could each negotiate the maze at his or her own pace, explore the teepee, and finish off down the slide.  We took a wagon ride over to the larger corn stalk maze where we wandered a bit and lost our way.  We all managed to find our way out onto the pumpkin patch where each child picked a pumpkin.  The folks at Beans and Greens in Gilford were very accomodating and made the trip so fun!  Thank you to all the parents who helped drive and chaperone!


  1. What adorable children!!!

  2. Thanks for including Beans & Greens in your viewers!! We may 'snitch" a few photos for our website!

    1. we won't "snitch" any. oh, well....m