Thursday, October 25, 2012

fruit salad and Halloween happenings! | Spanish Lesson | A Lakes Region Montessori

Miss Gigi came to school on Wednesday to give the students their first Spanish lesson.  Here is a sneak peek of the lesson:

Miss Gigi will be at school every Wednesday at 9am for a lesson.  The kids (even the smallest ones) sat enthralled for over an hour by her lesson that including tactile, sensory, and verbal techniques!  More pictures to follow soon....

Halloween is on Wednesday!  Please:
  • send your child in a costume if  you choose.
  • send along 20 treats for goodies bags for the party.  
  • sign up for a potluck offering.  If you are new to ALRM, these are the best times of the year!  We gather with other parents and families to celebrate holidays!  Feel free to bring grandparents and siblings! The potluck will begin at 11am. 
Happy Fall!

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