Friday, September 17, 2010

Music on Wednesdays starting in October!

Mary Farly, ALRM parent and owner of Lakes Region Music Together, will be bringing Music Together to ALRM children and families for the school year begining in early October.
Mary Farley
"Miss Mary"
Education: Mary has her Bachelor's Degree in English and her MBA in international business. With a background as a professional singer and actress, Mary is also a licensed Music Together (tm) teacher and pre-school specialist. She started Lakes Region Music Together in early 2010.
Schools' Greatest Strength: The school's greatest strength is the sense of community fostered there. The children flourish in an environment created to foster both their independence and their commitment to each other. I love that about ALRM and chose it for my daughter, Amelia Jo, for that very reason. Learning and Loving is a powerful combination!
A goal or hope for this school year: To share the joy and fun of music with ALRM children and the grown ups who love them!
Anything you want to share with our blog readers: Mary and her husband Shaun transplanted to the Lakes Region in 2009 with their daughter Amelia Jo. They have two older children Branden, 27, and Jennie, 24 who have successfully navigated their way through college and into the real world! They also have an honorary daughter, Omica, who has come from China for the school year as an exchange student at Laconia High School.

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  1. Mary,
    My little lady just LOVED music class yesterday. She was listening to the CD tonight in the car and said, "I need a singing teacher here." When I asked why, she explained she did not know all the words to the songs yet. I told her to be patient! Jennifer MacDonald