Monday, November 1, 2010

Bats and Beyond

We have been learning about bats: their unique bodies, their different sizes, how and what they eat, and how they move.   We have even compared bats to other animals.

To reinforce this leaning at home, you could take a bat walk!  Venture out on a late afternoon, around dusk, and when there is a full moon.  Look for the flitting silhouettes of bats against tree tops, over fields, and over damp areas.  Bats are also attracted to the insets that gather near streetlights (or stadium lights at sporting events).  Your local nature center may be able to offer advice on where to find local bats and may even offer evening bat walks.

If you don't have any luck findings bats around your home, don't worry; you can still create a "bat night" of your own.  Check a bat book out of the library.  Pack a flashlight, a blanket, and a snack in your bag (don't forget to bring the bug repellent).  Go to the park or your own backyard, spread out your blanket, and read your bat story.  Lie on your backs and look at the stars.  Take a short walk without your flashlight (how do you see in the night?) Enjoy a snack in the dark.

- from Vermont Institute of Natural Science

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